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After more than ten years in my Cologne gallery I remain an enthusiastic
and passionate collector and thus would like to exhibit again in Wuerzburg,
Germany under the auspices of the grandiose Greisinghäuser.

As the connoisseurs know, much research has been done on the Anatolian
kilim and carpet in the past ten years and several collections have been
shown in exhibits and museums.

Fragments of rugs have found acceptance and today comprise valued parts
of many collections, one aspect of my exhibit.

In addition it is a pleasure to see that certain textile accessories, such as
bags and sacks, have become collectibles in their own right. These form
another part of my exhibit.

And last but not least, those visitors who prefer a well-preserved carpet
for their home, will also enjoy my show. I am currently offering pieces from
Anatolia, the Caucasus and Persia from my collection.

With all these exciting discoveries, this event is not to be missed!

Wolfgang Borger


Wolfgang Borger
Am alten Turm 8
D-51519 Odenthal/Blecher